“… it is never easy, but when you do achieve the goal it does feel even better. … ”

Custom Boatworks is a well-established and respected custom yacht builder situated in Zwartsluis on the scenic Central part of Drenthe, Netherlands. Our purpose-built facility has delivered 2 yachts since opening our doors in 2010.


At the helm of Custom Boatworks is a management team who are committed to focusing on building high technology, high performance racing sailboats. With a “no compromise” approach to composite construction our goal is for owners and their crews to have the confidence to push their boats to the absolute limits.


Striving to improve upon excellence, Custom Boatworks is constantly reaching for new heights in design, implementation and aesthetics, ensuring that the finished product achieves your vision and is on time and within budget.


Skilled craftsman at Custom Boatworks apply their expertise to all modern marine materials, hi-tech composites, fiberglass and wood to achieve optimal performance and aesthetic appeal. Whether it be a racing boat or a cruising yacht, the finished product of your design, construction, refit or repair project will exceed your expectations—guaranteed.


Being in the business for nearly 2 decades, and furtunate to travel to exotic places , managed to pick-up some of the finest techniques in composites, from vacuum consolidated wet lay-up, to wet-pregs, dry-prepregs and resin film infusion.


Our approach is marked out by thoroughness and feet-on-the-ground practicality. We can be relied on for right-first-time solutions that meet the most demanding standards in the shortest possible timeframe. but having said that…. we don’t sell cookies either. We always use the best methods available.


A purpose build facility with all the right materials and machines within range we are able to do almost everything. We like to differ ourselfs from others….

We only work with epoxy based resins
We use vaccuum on everything we do, no matter the size of the object…
Not one product will leave our premises without a proper post-cure


We only work with freelance boatbuilders that know their stuff, a team of boatbuilders that have been involved in many projects. togheter we have more then 180 years of experience in composite boatbuilding, we done some really interesting projects, including some America’s Cup syndicates, Volvo Ocean Racers,Vendee Globe Racers Wally Yachts and many more….
Boat builders that you can just hand a drawing and they will know what to do..

ERP Software

Project management is a crucial part of the whole project and we understand this all to well, thats why we decided to use ActiveCollab ERP software to keep up to date on important projects and getting them done. You can create as many projects as you want and invite people to work on them.

Project work is organized around important project milestones, where each milestone can have its own set of tasks, dicussions and files. When team finishes work on one milestone, they move to the next one until the whole project is done.

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