A purpose build facility, fully equipped with state of the art tools to take on yachts with a size up to 20m (60ft)  The shop floor has been designed with efficiency and comfort in mind.    

  • Main floor space: 500 m²
  • Oven dimensions: 8m long x 6.5m wide 4.5m high
  • Oven Temperature range: 10-90 °C fully monitored
  • Variable ducted heating: 850k BTU
  • Refrigeration and humidity control: 100k BTU
  • Digital interfaced thermal couples: 24 Point
  • Plumbed vacuum: 660m3 Busch
  • Generator on standby: 400kVA
The shop floor has a smart floor heating system that keeps the place always @ 19 °C The source is taken from 50m below the surface, and in the summer we use the same system to cool the workshop.
  • 3.5m x  7m vacuum table
  • Grinding booth with filtered dust extraction
  • Grasair rotary compressor delivers 3.68³/min
  • 20ft freezer for pre-preg storage
  • State of the art woodworking tools
  • State of the art powertools
  • CNC shop nearby

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